AST Suspension Front Camber Strut Tops i30N

AST Suspension Front Camber Strut Tops i30N


AST Suspension Strut Tops with pillow ball 

Front Camber Tops suit fitment to the OEM Struts


Quantity: 2 per pack (pair)

Suits i30N Hatch or Fastback on OEM Springs & Damper or Lowered Springs


Add Camber, for more grip and handling thru fast corners

Prevents the wheel from leaning out under hard cornering.

Adjust the camber of the wheels by adjusting the 4 bolts on the top mount.

More settings than fixed tops as you can adjust more or less camber to suit the wheels of your size.

Not their intended use but can be used to bring wider offset wheels in under the guard, less poke more stance.


Generally in stock - or 10 days