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CAE Ultra Shifter Toyota Yaris GR & Corolla GR

CAE Ultra Shifter Toyota Yaris GR & Corolla GR

CAE Ultra Shifter for Toyota Yaris GR and Toyota Corolla GR - The Ultimate H-Pattern shifting


Highly recommended for motorsports on Toyota Yaris GR & Corolla GR


  • CAE Ultra Shifter for GR YARIS/COROLLA with 6 speed manual transmissions
  • 2 piece shifter housing for easy Installation with centerconsole
  • shifter fits to stock shiftcables
  • Short and super-precise shift travel, exclusively H-pattern.
  • The clutch system remains in its original form
  • : perfect positioning of the shift lever close to the steering wheel. The shift pattern is confined to approx. 70 x 55
  • The reverse gear is unlocked by pulling up the sliding collar on the shift lever.
  • Low weight and high stability: the milled and lathed parts consist of 7075 aluminium alloy; the substructures are made out of laser-cut, 3 mm thick AlMg3 aluminium. The parts are combined in the WIG welding process and brushed for an perfect Surface.
  • Integrated centre position spring, ensuring perfect feedback when changing columns while shifting up and down.
  • Right/left stops and reverse gear stop adjustable separately.
  • centre console have to be slightly modified for installation ( see Pictures)
  • Shift knob free selectable in different versions/ Colors
  • Black and White CAE Plastic gearknob are Hard Plastic Only (POM) not Anodised
  • Shift knobs are Diameter 40mm Length 60mm Inner Thread M 12x1,75mm incl Counterscrew M6 DIN 912 V2A 


Total height:approx. 390 mm
Total length:approx. 235 mm
Dimensions of base plate:approx. 235 x 125 mm
Shifting travel:approx. 70 mm
Selector travel (transverse direction):approx. 55 mm
Weight (complete):approx. 1,05 kg
Offset of the gear lever knop (back / up):depending on vehicle type approx. 20 / 100 mm


Delivery: Shifter completely assembled, all screws and small parts.


Sold as Off Road Use Only

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2020+ Toyota Yaris GR Hatch 1.3T

    2023+ Toyota Corolla GR Hatch 1.3T

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