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CANChecked MFD32 Gen2 - Toyota GR YarisXPA16R

CANChecked MFD32 Gen2 - Toyota GR YarisXPA16R

SKU: NG-CC37011

CANchecked MFD32 Gen2 Programmable Touch Screen CanBus Display - Toyota GR Yaris XPA16R


Part: CC37011 -  3.2inch display

Note: RHD kit will have display mounted in the right-hand vent.


A must have to monitor your gearbox and rear diff temperatures plus so much more.


Here we present our new Toyota GR Yaris display. At the same time we are presenting our new display generation “Gen2”. Together with some of the first testers, we developed the GR Yaris display very closely to the OEM functionality - here too, perfect integration and the ventilation nozzle is still functional thanks to an intelligent design.

The CANchecked MFD32 is a large, 3.2" touch screen display which allows you to monitor a huge amount of information from your car's computer. The MFD32 is a CANbus compatible device which is able to read information from most 2008-onwards vehicles by simply plugging into your vehicles OBDII port. CANbus is currently how newer vehicles send and receive data. Think of it as a USB port on a computer; whatever is plugged into a USB port can be opened and accessed from your computer. If your CANbus ECU has sensors plugged in, then in most cases plugging a CANchecked display will read it* (*see below for more information). Don't have a CANbus ECU in your car? No problem! The MFD32 can accept 4 additional analogue inputs including Flex Fuel sensors directly to the gauge. No ECA module required.

The MFD32 however is more than just a gauge. It is also a data logging tool, a CAN sensor hub, a CAN control switch, a shift light and a warning light! Read below for a full list of features. The MFD32 is a compact device and can used in both landscape and portrait orientations which you can then design in the DSS display setup software on your PC or Laptop. The MFD32 can be configured easily to display certain ECU values with a range of pre-made screen designs.

The CANchecked MFD32 is one of the best ways to monitor and enjoy your vehicle.


The following values can be displayed on the MFD32:

  • Engine speed
  • Water temperature
  • Oil temperature and oil pressure
  • Transmission temperature
  • Intake air temperature
  • Speed
  • Gear (calculated from speed and rpm)
  • Lambda value / AFR
  • Boost pressure IS and SHOULD
  • Ignition angle
  • Rear differential clutch temperature
  • 4x tire pressure
  • 4x tire temperature


Key Features

  • Integrated performance meter (measure times 0-100, 100-200, 0-200)
  • permanent data logging
  • Integrated shift light or optionally as an external module
  • individual warnings
  • Read and delete engine error/codes (in plain text).
  • The ventilation nozzle is functional thanks to an intelligent design
  • Left-hand drive and right-hand drive versions available
  • Easy connection to the OBD interface


Motec/Syvecs configuration:

Compatibility with Motec and Syvecs is now possible. To set up you need to change the firmware of your DIsplay to "standard" instead of "OBD": MFD28/MFD32 software update

The appropriate TRI file should already be available on the SD card. You can find it here:

  • Swipe down the display and go to "Setup"
  • Can Bus"
  • "TRI/TRX File"

Select the appropriate file (-M = metric units, -I = imperial units, -G = German sensor names and metric). Then please configure the control device so that the standard stream is sent.


Optional Shift Light

The shift light module can be easily pinned to both the MFD28 and MFD32 touch screen displays. Thanks to the simple and individual configuration, it can be individually adapted to your personal wishes and the engine. All colors and respective speeds of the LEDs are completely adjustable. The shift light is already known from motorsport! For example, in Formula 1 it is integrated directly into the steering wheel. Different colored LEDs show the current speed and flash to signal the optimal switching time.

CANchecked took up this concept and designed its own shift light module. The connection is made via an approx. 50cm long cable to the display at the provided three-pin interface



  • Vehicle Fitment

    2020+ Toyota Yaris GR XPA16R 1.6Turbo

    Right Hand Drive model only available 

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