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GFB BOV Recirculating - Veloster 2020

GFB BOV Recirculating - Veloster 2020

SKU: NGT9111

GFB Mach 2 TMS Recirculating Blow Off Valve - Veloster 2020+


Recirculate without the noise as per factory but with 30% quicker boost response!


Using GFB’s TMS technology the Mach 2 can help return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears (more information below).

  • Recirculation model for direct factory replacement for performance without the noise
  • Atmosphere venting kits to convert the recirculating valve if you want noise with your performance


To convert the T9110 Mach 2 to atmosphere venting, simply purchase a single 27mm hose plug (5527) and leave the outlet open to atmosphere. Optionally, for louder venting sound you can replace the outlet with a standard trumpet (6110) or a whistling trumpet (5702).

  • Vehicle Fitment

    Fits Veloster 2020 1.6 GDI Turbo

    Turbo and Turbo Premium

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