Hyundai i30 Premium LED Reading Light Replacement

Hyundai i30 Premium LED Reading Light Replacement


We finally have a replacement for those yellow OEM LED boards found in the rear reading lights. Spectr has partnered with MaxLume to provide a drop-in LED board featuring 2x 6000K white LED chips. Installation is simple but will require the use of a soldering iron. 


INCLUDED: 2x MaxLume drop-in LED boards - 6000k WHITE (oem unit not included)

Instructions and diagram included with LED boards 


FITMENT FOR: Hyundai i30N PD with sunroof & Hyundai i30 Premium with sunroof


INSTALL:  Tools required: Flat head screwdriver, soldering iron

Step 1: -Using a flathead screwdriver, gently lever off the clear cover from the light unit at the marked locations

Step 2: -The frame can be removed from the light unit to reveal the LED board.

Step 3: -Desolder the three red marked pins. Make note of how the board sits in the frame.

Step 4: -Insert the MaxLume board and re-solder at the three points. NOTE: Circuit board must sit at an angle like the OEM board. -Take the lens from the OEM board and place in the holes provided on the MaxLume board over the LED chips.

Step 5: -Insert the frame back into the light unit over the board and replace clean cover.



Must be able to use a soldering iron or have a workshop do for you.

Will need a good fine tip solder, preferably without the safety cut out timer to quickly go around hot on the three contact points and have a second person lever up the board as you do each one. Clean contacts with pliers and new Spectr board will click straight in. Add a tiny touch of solder to each three contacts. If you miss a contact the light will flicker, remove and add more solder.  there is also a left and right surround, be sure they line up when reassembling. Total install time, 0.5hr.


  • Vehicle Fitment

    Hyundai i30N PD with sunroof

    Hyundai i30 PD Premium with sunroof