Hyundai i30/N Performance Engine Service Kit

Hyundai i30/N Performance Engine Service Kit


Hyundai i30/N Performance Complete Engine Service Kit - suits warranty.

Perfect for Schedule Servicing or Interval. Can be used for daily or track.


Keeping regular services and intervals is a sensitive subject when it comes to oils. What's best? What do others use? What do dealers use? What is recommended for warranty?

N Garage Performance have combined an engine service kit using Nulon Euro C3 oils and Upper Cleaner spray along with an genuine oil filter and magnetic sump plug, to meet full protection and warranty. Nulon is 100% Australian made and has an solid reputation and progressing as one of our leading oils. We found Nulon Euro is smooth, very responsive on the i30N and it meets or exceeds warranty requirements whilst improving fuel economy.




1 x Nulon Euro C3 5W-30 5 Litre

1 x Nulon Upper Engine Cleaner 150ml

1 x Hyundai Genuine Oil filter

1 x Magnetic Drain Plug & Copper Seal.




Nulon Euro ACEA C3

Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 European Engine Oil is approved under VW Standard 504.00 and VW Standard 507.00 for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat petrol and diesel vehicles within manufacturer warranty periods. 

Recommended for use in modern turbocharged, supercharged and normally aspirated diesel and petrol engines that require the highest level of protection and performance whilst improving fuel economy. Nulon Euro has proven well in our Hyundai i30N 2.0 engines.


Nulon Pro-Strength Upper Engine Cleaner (UEC150)

Nulon Pro-Strength Upper Engine Cleaner helps restore engine performance, by efficiently removing carbon deposits, gums and varnish from air intake systems and combustion chambers without the need to dismantle the engine. Instructions are on the bottle and is used to clean throttle, intake manifold and spark plug cylinders. This treatment is recommended for every scheduled service.


Hyundai Genuine Oil Filter

The best oil filters are Genuine, as manufacturers ensure best quality to protect their customer warranty.


Magnetic Drain Plug

We believe having a magnetic drain plug is vital to a performance car especially hard driving or track work. These basic black drain plugs have an 20mm extended magnet to collect any grit that may try to pass through your motor. Not only for protection but to keep an eye on whats going on inside. We treat these as consumables and replace every oil change as a new copper seal is included. 


  • Vehicle Fitment

    - Suited for Hyundai i30N 2.0Litre Petrol Engine

    2018+ Hatch, Fastback & Sedan

    Oil Capacity for 2.0L Turbo - 4.8 Litres with oil filter. 

    Meets warranty specifications

     - Hyundai i30 1.6 TurboLitre Petrol Engine - N-Line/SR

  • Shipping

    Oil can be hazardous and must be shipped by road. Allow extra delivery time for road transport of this Kit