Hyundai i30N Brake Pads - INTIMA RS i30N Front Pads

Hyundai i30N Brake Pads - INTIMA RS i30N Front Pads







Fits both First i30N and Facelift i30N with larger rotors.


The Intima RS redefines the circuit brake pad by going against the status quo of traditional metallic based compounds - introducing Carbon Kevlar. A serious track pad that is gentle for the street yet agressive for the track.


Naturally less abrasive results in low disc wear, noise and dust while providing high thermal stability, coefficient and anti-fade. This is greatly suited to the i30N.


For Street Performance and Track Days

Fitment: Hatch or Fastback

Front Sets Only, no rears available yet

Suited for OEM Rotors, no rotor change required


Street Performance, Hill Climb, Sprint, Motorkhana, Autocross, Time Attack, Short Circuit Racing.

Rated 0°c to ~ 850°c degrees operating temperature

0.45 – 0.60µ friction coefficient

High levels of fade resistance

Lower dust and noise compared to race spec pads

Scorched for improved bed-in


Why Intima RS? 

We recommend for casual track days as an replacement to OE pads to ease wear on the disc rotors, which can be costly to replace. 


N Garage run the RS pads in their on i30N Hatch with Proven results, exceptional lap times, long lasting, improved street performance, minimal dust to our wheels and also elimnates the 'sticking/locking of the brakes' to our wet i30Ns! 


*Also see our listing for Intima SR Performance Pads for Street applications.


  • Vehicle Fitment

    2018 -2022 Hyundai i30N Front Calipers both 340mm & 360mm rotors

    Hatch or Fastback. First Gen i30N and Facelift i30N