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Hyundai i30N Brake Pads - INTIMA RS i30N Front Pads

Hyundai i30N Brake Pads - INTIMA RS i30N Front Pads





Fits both First i30N 345mm and Facelift i30N with larger 360mm rotors.


NOTE: Suits daily street driving, spirited drives and short track days. Will wear fast on hot track laps. For track circuit work see Intima RR pads


The Intima RS redefines the circuit brake pad by going against the status quo of traditional metallic based compounds - introducing Carbon Kevlar. A serious track pad that is gentle for the street yet aggressive for the track.


Street Performance, Hill Climb, Sprint, Motorkhana, Autocross, Time Attack

Not suitable for all day track use, Time Attack laps only. (Use Intima RR Pads for circuit)

Suitable for everday performance driving


Rated 0°c to ~ 850°c degrees operating temperature

0.45 – 0.60µ friction coefficient

High levels of fade resistance

Lower dust and noise compared to race spec pads

Scorched for improved bed-in


Note: Requires bed in as per included instructions. High carbon disc rotors designed for track use are recommended for optimal pad performance and durability.


The RS is a time attack compound focused on delivering maximum performance in short intervals, recommended on track use is 2-4 race laps before requiring a long cool down period. No warranty for wear rate or circuit use.


  • Vehicle Fitment

    2018 -2022 Hyundai i30N Front Calipers both 340mm & 360mm rotors

    Hatch or Fastback. First Gen i30N and Facelift i30N

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