Intima TypeDv2 Ford Focus RS Front Brake Pads

Intima TypeDv2 Ford Focus RS Front Brake Pads


Intima TypeDv2 Street/Track Front Performance pads

Focus 2014+


Suited for Street and Casual Track days. Great valued performer on the track, high heat rated, longer lasting bite, minimal dust and easy on the rotors.


Completely redeveloped compound based on customer feedback and circuit testing, the next generation Type-D v2.0 redefines the boundaries of a truly affordable and high performance track compound.

In addition to increased heat resistance and overall friction coefficient, the Type-D v2.0 is ultra resilient to fade, ensuring optimal longevity and consistent stopping power in demanding driving conditions such as the circuit.

With a broad temperature range providing a strong progressive initial bite at lower temperatures, the Type-D v2.0 also provides a safe and confident braking experience on the street.

A new era of stopping power has arrived and the Type-D v2.0 will take you to that next level.

Note: Requires bed in as per included instructions – Disc rotors designed for track use are recommended to prolong pad life and performance


  • Progressive bite and release characteristics
  • Predictable and consistent braking force throughout the temperature range
  • High levels of fade resistance
  • Lower dust and noise compared to race spec pads



  • 0°c to ~ 850°c degrees operating temperature
  • 0.45 – 0.60µ friction coefficient
  • 100% Non-Asbestos Low Metallic Carbon Formula
  • Scorched for improved bed-in


*Bedding in as per instructions required. *Photo for illustration puposes

  • Vehicle Fitment

    Front Brake:

    Ford RS 2014 onwards