Hyundai i30N Rear Strut Brace Decal N Performance

Hyundai i30N Rear Strut Brace Decal N Performance




Red N Performance Styled Strut Brace Decal

Red with 'N Performance' in white within the decal 


Sold as one decal.


Suit i30N boot strut braces. Can be used for anywhere, quality made.


Popular decals for the rear trunk strut bar! quality material as found with oem car decals, not the local cheap thick vinyl. Quality and Precision. It is quoted the decal material will last 10yr+ on exterior.


Sent as a loose roll in box for protection in shipping transit.


Fitting instructions:

Clean area thoroughly with alcohol or soapy water only.

Apply to dry surface, rub firmly, best results use squeegee

Peel off paper slowly and not clean car for 12 hours.

Must be above 12 degrees to adhere correctly

The cleaner the surface the better the application


  • Vehicle Fitment

    Hyundai PD i30N Rear Strut Brace Hatch & Fastback

    Can be used for anywhere but not intended.