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CANChecked MFD28 Gen2 - Hyundai i30/i30N

CANChecked MFD28 Gen2 - Hyundai i30/i30N

SKU: NG-CC38072

CANchecked MFD28 Gen2 Programmable Touch Screen CanBus Display - Hyundai i30/i30N 


CC38072 - In Stock

CC38072 - 10+ days wait 


Your Hyundai i30 (N) is missing a data display! We have the CANchecked MFD28 Gen2 for the Hyundai i30 and i30 N ... Of course it also fits the N models. The CANchcecked display accesses all data from the original ECU. The sensors are queried directly via CAN Bus and are displayed on our proven MFD28 touch screen display. The display for the Hyundai i30 (N) comes with a vehicle-specific cover and fits into the interior like an original part. This means that the ventilation through the slots remains intact. Our display emulates a manufacturer tester so all detailed values ​​are available. We have optimized the protocol to achieve maximum query speed.


The CANchecked MFD28 is a 2.8" touch screen display which allows you to monitor a huge amount of information from your car's computer. The MFD28 is a CANbus compatible device which is able to read information from most 2008-onwards vehicles by simply plugging into your vehicles OBDII port. CANbus is currently how newer vehicles send and receive data. Think of it as a USB port on a computer; whatever is plugged into a USB port can be opened and accessed from your computer. If your CANbus ECU has sensors plugged in, then in most cases plugging a CANchecked display will read it* (*see below for more information). Don't have a CANbus ECU in your car? No problem! The MFD28 can accept 4 additional analogue inputs including Flex Fuel sensors directly to the gauge. No ECA module required.


The MFD28 however is more than just a gauge. It is also a data logging tool, a CAN sensor hub, a CAN control switch, a shift light and a warning light! Read below for a full list of features. The MFD28 is a compact device and can used in both landscape and portrait orientations which you can then design in the DSS display setup software on your PC or Laptop. The MFD28 can be configured easily to display certain ECU values with a range of pre-made screen designs.

The CANchecked MFD28 is one of the best ways to monitor and enjoy your vehicle.


Vehicle Specific Functions:

  • Performance meters: Measure your acceleration times in our performance widget - 0-100, 100-200, 0-200
  • Data logging: Log all data onto the internal SD card. No matter whether “on-demand” (start at the touch of a finger) or permanently. All data from your last turn is saved.
  • Preset alarms: Ready-made warnings can be easily activated and customized. For example, I get a big warning message when the exhaust gas temperature is over 900 degrees.
  • 4 additional analog inputs: Additional temperature and/or pressure sensors can be connected for further monitoring options. e.g. exhaust gas temperature or exhaust back pressure. An ethanol sensor can be connected to one of the digital inputs.
  • Read/delete errors: Read errors from the engine control unit in plain text and delete them
  • Individual design: No matter whether the individual home screen or the selection from a variety of different widgets. Make the display your ad!


Access to all data from the engine control unit

As standard, we supply your display with a ready-made TRI file. All sensors that are queried are defined here.


  • Engine water temperature, oil temperature, intake temperature


  • Boost pressure, ambient pressure, fuel pressure, high pressure pump


  • Lambda value target/actual, injection time, short-term lambda adjustment, long-term lambda adjustment


  • Speed, air mass (g/s), vehicle speed, throttle valve angle, total ignition angle, ignition angle per cylinder, terminal 30 voltage, gear

If values ​​are missing, they can be added easily. It always depends on the motor as to whether it supports the values; sometimes not all sensors are available.


Reading and deleting errors

With a “swipe” down you get access to the “DTC” (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). The display reads the error memory from the engine. Optionally, you can also delete these directly on the display. Engine errors are displayed in plain text, so you can decide for yourself whether you can continue driving.


Optional Oil/Fuel Pressure Sensor

CANchecked FLP01 Oil/Fuel Pressure Sensor - Universal M10x1.0 Thread

For MFD15/MFD28/MFD32 Gen2 devices, the TRI/TRX file is preconfigured so that if you connect the signal line directly to analog input 3, the Plug and Play values ​​are displayed. Of course, you can also connect the sensor to other analog inputs or components. To do this, you have to enter the following characteristic curve and you are ready to go.

Thread: Metric M10 x 1.0


Wiring Pinout:

Pin 1:Ground/GND
Pin 2:signal
Pin 3:+5V


Voltage Table:

0V:-1.25 bar-18.13 psi
5V:11.25 bar163.17 psi


  • Vehicle Fitment

    Hyundai i30 Hatch and Fastback Dash Only

    Part: CC38072

    • 2017-2020 Hyundai i30 PDe Pre-Facelift
    • 2017-2020 Hyundai i30 PDe Pre-Facelift
    • 2017-2020 Hyundai i30N Pre-Facelift

    Part: CC38073

    • 2021-2024 Hyundai i30 Pde Facelift
    • 2021-2024 Hyundai i30 N-Line PDe Facelift
    • 2021-2024 Hyundai i30N PDe Facelift


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