N GARAGE are authorised resellers for Unichip Australia/NZ

N GARAGE use authorised tuning partners, PowerTech Tuning

Unichip X ECU is available to purchase at $1790.00 unit alone

Optional 5 Map $280.00 (through your modes, eco/normal/sport/nmode/custom available)

Installation and 'Live' Dyno tuning to suit your car and or for supporting modifications you may have, $400.00



VOLTAGE OUTPUTS – X6 Voltage modifiers allowing for complete control over your vehicle’s E.C.U

CANBUS – Unichip X unit includes a CANBUS reader to gain complete access to your vehicles’ CANBUS Network to allow user features such as up to 5 tuning map changeable on the fly by the Steering Wheel Mode Buttons, typically ECO, NORMAL, SPORTS and SPORTS +

AUXILIARY OUPTUTS X4 – allowing control over external features or add-ons to factory requirements like boost control, nitrous oxide, water injection,  Cooler Fans, Intercooler Spray and more.

HARD CASE – Waterproof, no issues with moisture. Mountable any position in engine bay.

REAL TIME LIVE TUNING – This allows real time live tuning or an authorised unichip tuner to make adjustments and remap while on a dynomometer. No downloading of files and rechecking maps as it’s all done instantly on the rollers and set. This method gives precision and saves time without turning off car and making changes.


TRANSFERABLE FROM CAR TO CAR – Not locked, transfer to sale, new car, petrol, diesel. Unplug and reinstall to another vehicle and retune to suit.


WATER TEMPERATURE PROTECTION – Unichip X has a built in safety feature to monitor engine temperatures by the coolant temperature sensor. Fuel, Boost and Timing is controlled to maintain maximum power and Torque without compromising the motor.


THROTTLE BOOSTER – A feature to achieve faster throttle response and reduce turbo lag. Much like an idrive device but included into the UNICHIP X.


PLUG AND PLAY LOOM – Provisions for UNICHIP X, allows two injector drives when required, seamless harness, factory OEM ECU plugs for direct fitment.