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Exhaust Hangers Universal 12mm  - Race

Exhaust Hangers Universal 12mm - Race


Exhuast Hangers Universal 12mm Hardened/Race Rubber


Suits Hyundai i30N/Nline/SR with 12mm bracket rods.


Upgrade your exhaust mounts with new hardened mounts from Invidia.

Take the movement out of the exhaust for larger systems requiring more support. Note: could add NVH to the car.

The Invidia universal exhaust mount allows multiple exhaust positions by using different mounting hole combinations on the hanger, allowing you to set the exhaust at a standard height or lower to add clearance to the underbody of the vehicle. Available hole spacings are 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm.

Sold as a set of two.


Caution: Please select the appropriate pitch and facing of the hanger during installation. Incorrect installation can result in improper positioning of the exhaust system resulting in damage to the exhaust and/or mount

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