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Hyundai i30 SR & N Line Rear Lock Diffuser - Flow Designs

Hyundai i30 SR & N Line Rear Lock Diffuser - Flow Designs


Flow Designs Rear Lock Diffuser for Hyundai i30 PD SR or N Line


The rear valance and diffuser fins will clear the i30 N Line dual exhaust tips with ease, and rear bumper removal is not necessary for installation of the diffuser.

The Flow-Lock interlocking system allows for the final assembly of the diffuser fins without tools or fasteners. A simple push and click and the kit is assembled and ready for installation - this means zero exposed hardware giving you the cleanest look for your i30 N Line Hatch rear. Easy install with four hole drilled for supplied bolt up. It is possible to do so on the ground without jacking up the car.


Choose your model in selcetion for correct fitment

i30 SR or i30 N Line


i30 SR/N Line Hatch Rear Lock Diffuser Kit Includes:

  • i30 N Line Hatch rear diffuser (rear valance and Flow-Lock diffuser fins)
  • 2 Flow Designs stickers
  • Fitting kit


i30 N Line Hatch Rear Diffuser Material & Finish:

  • Valance: 10mm thick polyethylene composite, bevelled edges
  • Flow-Lock diffuser fins: 4.5mm thick textured ABS 
  • Valance: Hand polished satin black
  • Flow-Lock diffuser fins: scratch resistant textured ABS plastic
  • CNC engraved logo and features
  • Vehicle Fitment

    Hyundai 2016+ i30 PD SR Hatch

    Hyundai 2018+ i30 N Line Hatch

    Will NOT fit i30 SEDAN

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