Hyundai i30N Genuine Facelift Turbo High Flow NEW

Hyundai i30N Genuine Facelift Turbo High Flow NEW


Hyundai 2021 i30N Facelift Genuine Turbo N2 High Flow from Hyundai N Performance


Now you can purchase the same new turbo as the 2021 Facelift i30N to fit to your first gen i30N Manual Hatch or Fastback. Increased power output with supporting mods. Bolts up with very little modifcation to intercooler pipe. Will fit to existing Turbo dump pipe.


Genuine Hyundai Part (28231-2GTE0) N2 Turbocharger


Larger Compressor billet wheel & Inlets

Larger Turbine wheel 

Counter Clockwise Rotation Spin

Reversed Manifold Turbine Housing


- Manifold Gasket listed seperately

- Turbo Flange Gasket listed seperately


Why not add a Turbo blanket over the wastegate also to manage engine bay heat? See our FUNK Motorsport Turbo Blanket Listings and add carbon fibre or titanuim blanket.


Notice the price increase? Shipping and Tax have risen many times over last few months and could see further increase yet. If youre on the fence about buying, sooner is better.


  • Vehicle Fitment

    Replacement for 2021 Hyundai i30N Facelift models

    Upgrade for 2018-2020 i30N (tuning required)

$3,700.00 Regular Price
$2,590.00Sale Price