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Hyundai i20N 3inch Turbo High Flow Dump Down Pipe

Hyundai i20N 3inch Turbo High Flow Dump Down Pipe


Hyundai i20N 3" Stainless Steel Catted Turbo Dump Pipe


Stainless Steel 3" Dump Pipe, new one piece design with a bigger flex connector to allow more motor movement. 100 Cell Cat for maximum flow


Australian made with quality parts and welds for factory bolt up replacement.

Maximise your flow with true 3inch all the way. Faster and Stronger exhaust note for your Hyundai! Heat Coating optional!


Dump pipe alone gives noticeable free revving coming on quicker all way through to top end power. Dyno Results show with straight swap, no tune, the boost is increased from factory 15psi to a big 18psi whilst keeping the same safe AFR reading of 12.5


The Dump Pipe will be all you need for maximising your power when tuning. 

No constant check engine light, although it is possible to appear over time. 


The Turbo Pipe isnt overly loud connected with original exhaust, but very deep note. No extra pops but alot of burble on downshifting. If wanting further loudness and pops you will have to take out the resonator in the exhaust.



  • 3 Inch 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3 Inch 100 CEL High Flow CAT (Optional CATLESS)
  • 3 Inch Large Flex Joiner
  • Bolt up replacement
  • Allotments for both Oxygen Sensors
  • Flanged for OEM Exhaust Sized Bolt Up



  • Catless (note no power difference between 100CEL Cat or Catless)
  • Cerakote Ceramic Heat Coating in XBlack for best performance
  • 3inch Flange for aftermarket exhausts (message for this option - no extra costs)



All states and countries differ on Dealer Warranty, Road Regulations, Emissions and Law. Turbo Dump Pipes are sold as Off Road/Race Use only. No responsibilty is taken on use of exhausts.

Note: Photos are for illustration purposes as pipes are custom made, variations in design may apply.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    Hyundai i20N Performance 1.6T Smartstream

    Hangar Bracket differs for i30 Nline Sedan

    Will not fit i30 1.6 Gamma

  • Order Times

    We can keep Dump Pipes on the shelf ready but often would be made to order from 1-2 weeks. Heat Coating options is additional 1 week.

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