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Hyundai i20N Brake Rotors - Intima HCS Discs Front or Rear

Hyundai i20N Brake Rotors - Intima HCS Discs Front or Rear


INTIMA HCS Carbon Alloy Heavy Duty Rotors for Hyundai i20N Now Available


i20N FRONT ROTORS 350.00 Pair

i20N REAR ROTORS  250.00 Pair


NEW RELEASE, Intima Brakes has entered the market with their own heavy duty performance brake disc rotors, carbon alloy slotted design that not only looks the best but can exceed OEM and perform on track at exceptional value replacement discs.


Much needed for the Hyundai i20N with extreme heat braking at track days. 


Ideal replacement to I20n rotors and paired up with Intima SR or RS pads, you will achieve quiet, smoother and better braking, less dust and longer life on the street and on the casual track days! HCS are proven well for heavy duty braking applications on the i30N as shown in 2022 Time Attack.


Choose your set:

  • Front Pair
  • Rear Pair
  • Front & Rear Pair


  • High Carbon Alloy - Provides increased heat dissipation and thermal stability while minimising thermal fatigue to maintain superior rotor strength and durability when subjected to high temperatures.
  • Multi Slot Design - Precise CNC machined slots increase brake response, modulation and friction to further extract performance from the equipped brake pads.
  • Exceeds OEM Specifications - Designed to OEM specifications for a direct replacement, Intima’s metallurgy and machining is applied to take performance beyond OEM levels.
  • Street And Track - Quiet and smooth braking for the street, strong and durable braking for the track. 
  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Hyundai i20N (BC3) Hatch

    Front Disc Rotor replacement

    & Rear Disc Rotor replacement

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