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Hyundai i20N Coilovers Titan Suspension

Hyundai i20N Coilovers Titan Suspension


Hyundai i20N BC3 Hatch TiTAN SP-3 Coilover Suspension Kit



New release, custom valved monotube and specific setup for i20N. As used in the N Garage Performance workshop i20N. The i20N handling from factory is quite impressive with its sharp steering and quick cornering. Go beyond expectations with Titan Coilovers with a very balanced handling improvement and refined ride quality. Launches and acceleration times are drastically improved on acceleration times. Height adjustments can be lowered as much as 40+mm in the 4kg spring. One sized spanners make adjustments easy on the vehicle. Top camber plates to allow further camber and damper adjustments. A unique feature to the Hyundai N Performance models is the Rear Inverted Shock for quick access to damper adjustment settings.

Spring rates have been specifically tested to suit the i20N with three platforms to choose on, Comfort, Balanced or Performance to get the ride you desire.


⭐ Fully Adjustable Height
⭐ 30 Click Damper Setting

⭐ Inverted Rear Damper for quick adjustment access
⭐ Monotube Construction

⭐ 3 Choices of Setup - Comfort, Balanced, Performance

⭐ Highly Reputable Mayalsian Company 20+yrs Experience

⭐ Australian 100% Customer Support (Titan or N Garage Performance)
⭐ 2-Year Warranty


The SP-3 is the optimal choice for street use and the occasional spirited driving. If you have a modified car that occasionally sees the track, this suspension is what you need for a stylish, performance & comfort driven ride. Featuring 30 clicks of damping adjustment, it allows adjust-ability from comfort to extreme road conditions. Built with monotube construction technology, the shocks are highly effective dissipating heat, making it ideal for street and casual track use. 


Street Comfort - 6kg Front/4kg Rear - Everyday smooth driving 

Street Balanced -  7kg Front/4kg Rear - Street and Spirit driving

Street Performance* - 7kg Front/6kg Rear - Street/Spirit and Casual track days.


*New Revised Street Performance Kit with 6kg Springs and full height adjustment



  • 30 Clicks adjustment
  • Bodyshift (Adjustable Height)
  • Monotube Technology
  • Hard chrome Piston Rod
  • Hot rolled Spring Steel
  • Threaded Body
  • Strong Rigidity
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Large Piston
  • Hard Treatment Piston
  • Forged T6-6061 Aluminium Upper Mount
  • Forged T6-6061 Aluminium Lock Nut
  • Forged T6-6061 Aluminium Lower Bracket
  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Hyundai i20N BC3 Hatch 1.6T N Performance model

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