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Hyundai i20N Front Mount Intercooler - Forge Motorsport

Hyundai i20N Front Mount Intercooler - Forge Motorsport


Forge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler for the Hyundai i20N BC3 Hatch


2-3 Weeks made to order (check stock availbilty before ordering)


Product Description


  • Peak gains of 25bhp (*tested UK)
  • Gains of 43nm of torque (*tested UK)
  • 113% volume increase
  • Hand fabricated in the UK
  • Kit includes all necessary fittings and instructions included
  • Lifetime warranty


Forge Motorsports leading bar and plate core is an increase of 113% in volumetric capacity and an increase of frontal surface area of over 57% than the OEM intercooler/Heat exchanger. FMINT28 is the largest currently available on the market. The inlet and outlet sizes have both been increased in diameter, the hot side from 50mm to 60mm giving a volumetric increase of over 44% from the OEM intercooler, and the cold side from 50mm to 63mm giving a volumetric increase of over 59% from the OEM intercooler.


Testing was completed using Performance Remap in Gloucester (UK) with their VTEC 4-wheel drive dynamometer. This was to ensure all our data has been achieved with results as accurately as possible by an independent tuner. As you can see from the dyno results below, peak power was increased from stock by 11bhp and 43nm of torque with the Forge Motorsport performance intercooler installed. Significant gains across the entire rev range, meaning that the car will pick up quicker and pull the whole way through to redline, including up to 25bhp increase over stock at 4500rpm.


*This intercooler combined with our intake, and a quality aftermarket cat back exhaust with factory software will deliver you unparalleled levels of performance. The Forge Motorsport front mount intercooler has all the necessary hardware to install the kit in approximately 2.5 hours depending on competency and tools available. The Forge intercooler weighs 9.65kg compared to the OEM's 3.7kg


  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Hyundai i20N BC3 1.6T

    Direct replacment no cutting/drilling

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