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Hyundai i20N Short Shifter - Forge Motorsports

Hyundai i20N Short Shifter - Forge Motorsports


Forge Motorpsorts Short Shifter for the Hyundai i20N Hatch


If showing in stock - we have it!


The Forge Motorsport short shifter for the Hyundai i20N is an adjustable well engineered solution for those who want to reduce their vehicles gear shift throw. This reduces shift times along with the chance of selecting the wrong gear, making it the ideal modification for track day and fast road driving.


As this is an adjustable short shifter, you can easily change shift length with a 16mm spanner. This creates a maximum reduction of over 33% per gear shift. The last image shows the difference between 1st gear when the shifter is in its OEM position and its shortest position with FMSS7 installed, as well as the shifter in situ. The most important part of the development for a short shifter is to ensure that the shift cables aren’t under further deflection than when connected to the OEM.


  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Hyundai i20N Performance BC3 Hatch 1.6T Manual

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