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Hyundai i20N Turbo Inlet - Forge Motorpsorts

Hyundai i20N Turbo Inlet - Forge Motorpsorts


Forge Motorsports Turbo Inlet Kit for Hyundai i20N BC3 Hatch


Increase air flow to the turbo by 170% with Forge Motorsports larger Turbo Inlet Adaptor

complete with 3inch silicone intake piping to the OEM airbox.


Options: Black, Red, Performance Blue


The turbo inlet adaptor improves your vehicles airflow in several ways; designed in a similar way to a conventional velocity stack, it routes the air directly into your turbo charger and allows more air to be compressed due to its larger capacity, this has a positive effect when accelerating your vehicle after long deceleration, or in-between gear changes, due to more air being kept within the intake system.

The OEM factory alloy cast elbow is small, Forge knew that this would be the key component to target as tuners start to increase the boost levels and performance output of the 1.6l turbocharged combustion engine. As well as this, the plastic OEM inlet hose has ribs and steps within the bore, causing detrimental turbulence while disturbing and slowing the airflow. By removing the ribs and steps, the larger Forge Motorsport silicone turbo inlet hose reduces the amount of turbulence over the standard item, enabling better airflow.


Note: Turbo inlet Adaptor is quite tricky to install. Workshop install recommended

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Hyundai i20N BC3 1.6T SmartStream Motor

$550.00 Regular Price
$530.00Sale Price
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