Hyundai i30 Dash-Vent Gauge Pods

Hyundai i30 Dash-Vent Gauge Pods


New Product from 3D KING exclusively to N Garage.


Dashboard Gauge Pod and Vent.

Suits 52mm gauges, ideal for boost gauges

Fits all Hyundai PD 2016+ i30, SR/N-LINE and i30N


3D Printed in Black ABS material, with strong tabs. (smooth finish but usual scoring of lines from 3D printer)

Both Cup and Vent is included together. Cup and Vent seperate with a push in/pull out for easy install. Simply replace your OE vent with the 3DKING Vent and clip in the the cup. A rear opening is suited to a 20mm or 3/4 OD Grommet for cable management.


Shipping worldwide, Aust, UK, Europe, Russia, Asia Pacific and USA.


Black standard. Base Colours are Red Blue and white.

Other colours on request but will occur surcharge and time frame.


Add Boost Gauge, listed seperately under accessories.


Complete Gauge Kits coming soon, gauge, pod, tee and hosing.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2016 -2020 PD i30, i30SR/NLINE & i30N