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Hyundai i30N Forge Motorsports 3inch Turbo Inlet Adapter

Hyundai i30N Forge Motorsports 3inch Turbo Inlet Adapter


Forge Motorsports Turbo Inlet Adapter for i30N & Kona N



Will this fit other intakes? The answer is yes, it will fit other manufacturers intakes that have an inlet pipe of 102mm (4”). This will not fit the OEM.


With Forge leading the way in aftermarket products for the new Hyundai’s, we are proud to present our turbo inlet adaptor for the MK3.5 i30N. After investigation we found the new turbo to be larger on the latest MK3.5 I30N giving even more reason to have this superb product as the newly refreshed design needs to flow even more air than its predecessor. After stage one or two tunes the performance yields are even greater than the previous model with even better driving response and improved higher end BHP gains.

Redesigned and developed by our highly skilled team on Solidworks CAD system the all billet turbo adaptor and high flow silicone inlet pipe is proven to benefit the engines performance. With one of the weak links on the i30N and intake system being the restrictive aluminium inlet pipe we found something more was needed on stage 1 and 2 tuned vehicles. You cannot go wrong with Forge Motorsport hardware on your tuned Hyundai, the results speak for themselves.

Mated to our 4” intake and high performance filter (FMINDK28) the gain from the turbo adaptor alone was 10BHP, and, along with a gain in torque, it really transforms your driving experience. The power can be felt from just above 3000 RPM and helps keep a hard consistent pull all the way to the rev limiter.


  • Manufactured from 6082 aerospace grade aluminium
  • Black anodised for ultimate protection and durability
  • Increased capacity of over 150%
  • No engine check lights (EML)
  • Perfect fit with our induction kit
  • Increased air flow
  • Hoses in this kit have been designed to include an expensive inner liner of modified silicone known as Fluorosilicone.
  • Made in the UK
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Vehicle Fitment

    2018-2020 Hyundai i30N Hatch & Fastback

    2021+ Hyundai i30N FL Hatch & Fastback (includind Limited Edition)

    2021+ Hyundai i30N Sedan N

    2021+ Hyundai Kona N

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