Hyundai i30N Forge Uprated Front Mount Intercooler

Hyundai i30N Forge Uprated Front Mount Intercooler


The Forge Motorsport front mount uprated intercooler for the Hyundai i30N.


Note: This product is 2-3 week delivery once purchased. 


If you use a i30N for fast road or have a high performance tune in a hot climate, this product is essential. Utilising our industry leading bar and plate design alongside Solidworks CAD and flow simulation design (Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD) to develop our high flow cast end tanks, the turbo side endtanks feature an internal divider to ensure the full volume of the stepped core is utilised. 


The bar and plate core has over 129% more volume and an increase of frontal surface area over 71% (over the stock cooler) meaning the Forge Motorsport intercooler is the largest currently available on the market. To ensure we deliver optimum cooling efficiency, the development team created a fabricated ducting system that has been skilfully integrated into the superior design of this product.


The inlet and outlet sizes have been increased in diameter to 65mm, giving an increase of 27% more volume over the stock cooler to give perfect flow. The development team also added a custom hard pipe increasing the diameter by 14 mm to 64mm - up from the factory 50mm. This replaces the stock factory pipe on the hot side to ensure this package gives you all you need for maximum performance gains on high levels of tune.


The boost pipe and intercooler come in our standard black textured finish powder coat for maximum longevity.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    Hyundai 2018+ PDe i30N Hatch or Fastback