Hyundai i30N Performance Brake Pads Winmax W3

Hyundai i30N Performance Brake Pads Winmax W3

WINMAX W3 BRAKE PADS - Hyundai i30N (inlcudes Facelift Pde4)


Select Front, Rear or Front and Rear in options


The Winmax W3 is a versatile metallic brake pad compound and can be used on both road and track. Intended for track conditions and performance tyres. The Winmax W3 has instant bite and applies through high tempertaures.

Winmax W3 are an in between street to race and are most similar in performance to the Ferodo DS2500, Endless MXRS/MX72, Project Mu HC+, PFC 97, Hawk HP+ and Pagid RS4-2 for comparisons


  • Road / Track Combination
  • Friction coefficient of 0.34 - 0.37
  • 0ºC up to 600ºC
  • Vehicle Fitment

    2018-2020 i30N Performance Hatch or Fastback

    Front (345mm) or Rear

    2021+ Pde4 i30N Front and Rear (same pad for 360mm)

    2021+ Kona N Performance 360mm Rotors

$327.00 Regular Price
$310.00Sale Price