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Hyundai i30N Performance Oil Cooler - Race Series

Hyundai i30N Performance Oil Cooler - Race Series


N Garage Performance Oil Cooler Kit - i30N including FaceLift DCT


A must have add on to any Hyundai i30N for maximised performance and engine life.


New Revised Kits due November

Installs also available. NO DRILLING REQUIRED. DIRECT FIT.


Quality kit - theres cheaper on the market but you don't cut corners with performance!


High Quality Race Series Oil Cooler Kit using worlds trusted Setrab brand. Setrab are a high flowing lightweight racing core, not the bar and plate design often offered by others.  


Well proven setup by N GARAGE with long term testing sees engine tempertaures drop dramatically to help maintain performance and prolong the life or your engine.

We use Hyperflow Sandwich plate with themostat which opens at 85 degree celsius to allow the engine to get up to temperture before flowing through oil cooler which will maintain 95 degree celsius on the i30N at hard driving! 


Reports of I30N 2.0Litres getting in the danger zone of 140+ degree plus when running at the track will drop performance and shorten engine life.  The NGP Oil Cooler Kit keeps temperature evenly to 100-110 degrees, which even the thermo fans no longer run on after switching off its kept that cool.


  • N Garage Performance Oil cooler Kit requires NO DRILLING and NO CUTTTING. Simply direct bolt up with everything ready to assemble. No other kit offers a direct bolt up.
  • The NGP Kit sits on the Right Hand side to allow bolt up of Air Intake Scoops on the left side. No interference of any other bolt on. Only the radiator shroud is removed which isnt required especially as the Oil Cooler now maintains correct temperature.
  • The NGP Kit clears most aftermarket front mount intercoolers


Kit consists of:

1x  Race Core Oil Cooler 

1x  Hyperflow Oil Sandwich Adaptor

2x  BSP Fittings

1x  1.5 Adaptor

2x Telfon Braided Hoses Precut to size

4x Hose Fittings Pre tighten

4x Stainless Brackets Lasercut & Powder-coated Black

1x Stainless Steel Bracket Fitting Pack

1x Instructions


Need Oil? Genuine Oil filter? Magnetic Sump Plug? See our other listings and add to cart.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2018+ Hyundai i30N Performance 2.0Litre Turbo

    2021+ Hyundai i30N pde4 Facelift  - Manual only

    Hatch and Fastback manual models only - will NOT fit DCT

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