Hyundai i30N Sedan N Air Intake Scoop - King3D AIS

Hyundai i30N Sedan N Air Intake Scoop - King3D AIS

Hyundai SEDAN N (i30N) Air Intake Scoop (AIS) - PRE ORDERS NOW!


Pre Orders Now! - allow 10 days delivery


New AIS available for the 2021+ Sedan N - Worlds First Air Induction Scoops!


15 x Colours to Choose From


  • AIS (Air Intake Scoop )
  • Slim Scoop design to suit new models front grille
  • Directs cool outside air to the air box/pod & engine bay
  • Maintains cool outside air for max performance
  • Gives instant throttle
  • Gives Induction volume
  • Detachable scoop section for any colour choice 
  • Large design for max air flow and style
  • Suitable for any Air Intake setup
  • Includes Body, Scoop, Fitting Kit and Instructions


100% Australian made intakes with King3D & N Garage Performance

Air Intake Scoop (AIS) directs outside cool air directly to the engine bay and air box. Results in instant throttle response and maintains cool air at all times. The AIS scoop allows a large volume of air to pass through giving a louder induction volume especially with aftermarket air filters. The AIS scoop sits closely behind the grille for maximum style and appearance but yet subtle to the eye and a large range of colours to personalise in your own way. All King3D AIS feature a worlds first detachable scoop to be able to choose the colour of your preference instantly or change anytime without replacing the AIS body. The slim scoop section is universal and interchangable with other models such as Sedan N and Kona N The AIS is 3D Printed in ABS material for strength, heat resistant and kept in the raw finish with no added gloss. Note 3D printing will show signs of score lines. Fitting kit and instructions included and NO Cutting necessary. Removal of the air deflector shroud is required OR can be cut around if preferred.


Message if additional scoops of colour to be added


Reminder: Bumper Removal is required to fit this item. No Cutting required.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    Fits: 2021+ Hyundai i30N Sedan N Performance 2.0L DCT & Manual

    Will NOT fit Nline i30 Sedan 1.6

    Will NOT fit Hatch or Fastback or Kona

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