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Hyundai i30N Sedan N CN7 - 3inch Dump Pipe Down Pipe

Hyundai i30N Sedan N CN7 - 3inch Dump Pipe Down Pipe


Hyundai Sedan N CN7 3" Stainless Steel Turbo Dump Pipe - Australian Made


Maximise your flow with true 3inch all the way including 3inch CAT and 3inch Flex! Faster and Stronger exhaust note for your Hyundai! Heat Coating optional!


Our Stainless Steel 3" Dump Pipe, with 100 Cell Cat and Connecting Flex Pipe now available to order. Quality Australian made locally here at N Garage Performance, with correct Flange and 02 Sensor bungs. All stainless steel, no mild steel added like other brands.

Designed for direct factory bolt up replacement. 


Single biggest modification you can do to your N! Increased Power, Flow and Boost with our Turbo Downpipes with very noticeable difference on acceleration, power and sound!


Proven results on the i30N for max performance flow. 

The 3.5inch flange going into 3inch 100 cell CAT allows maximum flow and real deep sound with more crisp popping in both sport mode and N Mode. 


The Dump Pipe will be all you need for maximising your power when tuning.

Can be ran without a tune and can be used for piggyback chips.

No constant check engine light, its possible to appear at first but once cleared it won't reappear.

No need to delete the second cat or resonator, can be used with or without OEM secondary CAT.



  • 3.5 inch into 3inch
  • 3 Inch 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3 Inch 100 Cell Stainless CAT
  • 3" inch Stainless Race Flex joiner
  • Allotments for both Oxygen Sensors
  • Heat Shield OEM bolt up
  • Direct Bolt up replacement
  • Flanged for OEM Exhaust Bolt Up - suits OEM 2.5 or 3inch exhausts
  • 1 x Complimentary M10x1.25 Turbo Outlet Stud & Nut included (just incase!)



Cerakote Ceramic Heat Coating in Black


Allow 14 day delivery time to be made and shipped, we do our best to deliver as soon as can. Message us if out of stock!



All states and countries differ on Dealer Warranty, Road Regulations, Emissions and Law. Turbo Dump Pipes are sold as Off Road/Race Use only. No responsibilty is taken on use of exhausts. Photos are for illustration purposes as pipes are custom made, variations in design may apply.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Hyundai Sedan CN7 i30N 2.0Litre

    Will NOT fit H atch, Fastback, KonaN or Nline

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