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Hyundai & Kia Wheel Nut Set

Hyundai & Kia Wheel Nut Set


Steel Wheel Nuts. Set of x20 Nuts


Damaged Hyundai i30/N Wheel nuts? The original chrome cover can get marked by rattle guns making it hard to get the socket/adapter on.  A new budget set of steel wheel nuts that will suit Hyundai wheels and other aftermarket rims. A 19mm Hex allows ease of socket access. Available in Chrome, Black, Blue or Red


Fits aftermarket wheels and Hyundai i30/N Wheels 


  • M12x1.5 suits most Hyundai and Kia
  • 19mm Hex
  • 35mm Total length
  • 60° Taper
  • 4 Colours, Chrome, Black, Blue or Red
  • Sold in a Set of x20
  • Vehicle Fitment

    Hyundai 2016+

    Kia 2016+

    Hyundai 2018+ i30N Including Facelift/DCT

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