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Hyundai Kona N Titan Suspension Coilovers Adjustables

Hyundai Kona N Titan Suspension Coilovers Adjustables

Hyundai Kona N Coilovers TiTAN SP-3 Coilover Suspension Kit


FREE SHPPING included in each set!


Taking orders now allow 10+ days delivery


⭐ Fully Adjustable Height (Max *40mm drop vs Factory Ride height)
⭐ 33 Click Damper Setting (Soft to Hard)
⭐ Inverted Rear Shocks (Easy Access for Damper Adjustment)
⭐ Monotube Construction
⭐ 2-Year Warranty
⭐ Exclusively developed & tested with N Garage Performance


Allow 10+ Days for shipping (shipping included)


The SP-3 is the optimal choice for street use and the occasional spirited driving. If you have a modified car that occasionally sees the track, this suspension is what you need for a stylish, performance & comfort driven ride. Featuring 33 clicks of damping adjustment, it allows adjust-ability from comfort to extreme road conditions. Built with monotube construction technology, the shocks are highly effective dissipating heat, making it ideal for street and occasional track use. 


  • Street Comfort is our daily recommendation for those wanting low stance and full adjustments. Comes with 6kg Front and 4kg Rears to ride in comfort and still out-performs OEM on spirited driving. 
  • Street Balance is the all round setup. This offers 7kg Front Springs and 5kg Rear to Springs which gives more handling whilst retaining some comfort for daily.
  • Street Performance is maximised for firm handling street and track with 7kg Fronts and 6kg Rears.


Kona N Coilovers will not work with the Electronic Stabilty Control and requires ESC Cancellation Kit if you do not wish to have a error light on the dash. Optional are Titan Cancellation modules which are required to be wired up. Or KW Cancallation modules are available for plug and play to your Titan Suspension Coilovers. It is ok to run without Cancellation Kits.








RU: Solid Aluminium Top Mount
PU: Reinforced Rubber Pillowball Top Mount
PU*: Adjustable Camber Pillowball Top Mount
N/A: Not Included / Use OEM Top Mount


Spring Rates

Street Comfort

Front: 6kg/mm

Rear: 4kg/mm

Street Balanced

Front: 7kg/mm

Rear: 5kg/mm

Street Performance

Front: 7kg/mm

Rear: 6kg/mm


  • 33 Clicks Damper Adjustment
  • Bodyshift (Adjustable Height)
  • Monotube Technology
  • Hard Chrome Piston Rod
  • Hot rolled Spring Steel
  • Threaded Body
  • Strong Rigidity
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Large Piston
  • Hard Treatment Piston
  • Forged T6-6061 Aluminium Upper Mount
  • Forged T6-6061 Aluminium Lock Nut
  • Forged T6-6061 Aluminium Lower Bracket
  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Hyundai Kona N (OS N)

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