ITG Profilter Air Filter

ITG Profilter Air Filter

SKU: BH-330

ITG PROFILTER High Flowing Foam, drop in replacement for the i30N 


Used and Recommmended by N Garage. As the i30N OEM airbox is proven very good design, The ITG Profilter replacement allows more and quicker air flow even if dirty. We combined the Profilter with the AIS (Air Intake Scoops) for big throttle gains that creates its own CAI (Cold Air Intake) and even gives induction noise.


  • Instant throttle Response
  • Induction noise when coupled with AIS
  • Foam High Flow Technology as used by F1
  • Full flowing even if dirty
  • Washable and can oil with no issues to intake
  • Proven results 
  • Lifetime Warranty


CURRENTLY BACKLOGGED APPROX A WEEK FOR ITG  - Orders will be slightly delayed but will ship as soon as can


World quality foam filter made in UK

Foam is leading the way over gauze filters for powerr, durability and cleaning periods.  Washable and Reusable for life of car no more oem replacements

Made for direct replacement of standard filter but with increased flow giving a better power response and easier throttle and clutch engagements. 


Used and Recommmended by N Garage

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2018+ Hyundai i30N 2.0L Hatch or Fastback

    2019+ Veloster N 2.0L (U.S version)

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