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MOTUL 600/660 Racing Brake Fluid

MOTUL 600/660 Racing Brake Fluid


MOTUL RBF 600 and RBF 660 Racing Brake Fluid


Dot 4 compatible with all modern models including i30N/N-Line

Recommended 2x bottles for Full Brake Flush which gives a little left for general bleeding.

N Garage stock by the boxes and always available for our brake services.


Made in UK, world quality reputation.


RBF600 Recommended for Street or Track

600 Dry Boiling Point 312 degrees (594F)

600 Wet Boiling Point 205 degrees (401F)

RBF660 recommended for Hard Track use

660 Dry Boiling Point 325 degrees (617F)

660 Wet Boiling Point 205 degrees (401F)


High dry point to prevent fade and high wet point for long term use against moisture/steam contamination. Motul is great valued race fluid and consistent fluid for easy solid bleeding/flush.

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