Side Skirt Infill Decal - Red N Performance Styled

Side Skirt Infill Decal - Red N Performance Styled




Red N Performance Styled Side Skirt Decal (not gel infill)

Red decal included with 'N Performance' Decals applied seperately for ease of installation. Choose between black lettering or white lettering on ordering.


Suit i30N Side Skirts. Sold as a Pair.


Quality and Precision cut decal to fit exactly to your infill of the side skirts

It is quoted the decal material will last 10yr+ on exterior (not cheap thick vinyl)


$65.00 Left and Right Set of decals + postage

Sent as a loose roll in box for protection in shipping transit.


Fitting instructions:

Clean area thoroughly with alcohol or soapy water only.

Apply to dry surface, rub firmly, best results use squeegee

Peel off paper slowly and not clean car for 12 hours.

Must be above 12 degrees to adhere correctly

The cleaner the surface the better the application


Colours can be ordered on request. Direct message us.


    $78.00 Regular Price
    $70.98Sale Price