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Toyota Yaris GR - Air Intake Scoop - King3D AIS

Toyota Yaris GR - Air Intake Scoop - King3D AIS


Air Intake Scoop, AIS, for the Toyota Yaris GR


  • improves and maintains cool air flow from outside engine bay
  • increased air volume ideal for tuning
  • increased intake noise when used with high flow filters
  • lncreased blow off valve noise
  • Lower secondary duct for auto flap release intake.
  • maintains neat engine bay looks
  • direct fitment no cutting or drilling


New Release product from N Garage with King3D, replaces the factory air tube to give more volume of direct cold air from the front grille. 3 Piece unit consisting the intake body and a wide scoop to the grille to gain maximum volume of air. And a secondary running to the lower flap.

Connects to the factory air box, no modications required other than to replace factory tube with the AIS. 


Retains a neat and clean factory look and wont affect the new car warranty.


Black is standard. Colours can be custom ordered.


The AIS is designed to work with a high flow performance air filter such as the ITG Foam panel filter available as an option on checkout.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2020 Toyota Yaris GR AWD Hatch 3cyl turbo

$220.00 Regular Price
$198.00Sale Price
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