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Toyota Yaris GR - Blitz Front Strut Tower Brace

Toyota Yaris GR - Blitz Front Strut Tower Brace


BLITZ Front Strut Tower Brace for the Toyota Yaris GR GXPA16


- 50mm wide, 15mm thick hollow aluminum construction is utilized for a lightweight but rigid Strut Tower Bar.

- By reducing the distortion of the body during cornering and braking, the suspension’s full capability can be brought out to improve the vehicle`s maneuverability.

- After the shaft has been blasted, it has been treated with a scratch-resistant special black coating. Along with the high-quality finish, the 50mm wide shaft has a strong presence in the engine room.

- The BLITZ logo has been laser inscribed for high durability and quality.

- The Brackets has been designed with BLITZ`s acquired knowledge to maximize rigidity for each specific vehicle. Furthermore, red metallic paint has been applied to dress up the engine room.

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2020+ Toyota Yaris GR 1.6T 3cyl RHD

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