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Toyota Yaris GR PowerFlex Front Wishbone Caster Bush

Toyota Yaris GR PowerFlex Front Wishbone Caster Bush

SKU: NG-PFF76-902G

PowerFlex Front Wishbone - Rear Caster Bushes for Toyota Yaris GR - Antilift Kit


PFF76-902G - Front Wishbone Rear Bush has been designed around our unique on-car adjustable Nylon/Polyurethane Ball-Joint combination for more direct steering input and improved cornering and braking. The offset bore allows for +/- 0.5-1.0° of caster adjustment with the supplied spanner, to assist the fine-tuning of the side-to-side caster settings.  Vertical stiffness is increased by 250% over standard rubber.  


PFF76-902GBLK - Stiffer for Track-Race, noticeable NVH. Allow up to 30 days from order for Black



OEM Part Number: 48655-52100

OEM Part Number: 48068-52140



Two Offset Control Arm Bushes



Requires Press out/in

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2021+ Toyota Yaris GR AWD 3cyl Turbo

    (including Rallye)

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