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Toyota Yaris GR - Rear Upper Camber Arm Kit

Toyota Yaris GR - Rear Upper Camber Arm Kit


Toyota Yaris GR - HARDRACE Rear upper Camber Arm Kit


The camber kit allows fine adjustments to the rear end camber setting of the vehicle. It can either help improve cornering grip or get your car back to original alignment specs after lowering. The arms are made of stamped steel alloys to offer greatest strength and durability. With premium quality pillow ball bushings equipped, they also provide more precise and solid handling response over the factory components.

. Offers camber adjustability to suit various driving conditions
. High-strength stamped steel construction
. Premium quality pillow ball joints equipped
. Improve handling performance
. OE direct fitment

  • Vehicle Fitment

    2020+ Toyota Yaris GR 3cyl Turbo

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